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24 March 2019
Title Time Description
First ride ? 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM Steve Cowan(03/17/2019 01:00pm) - if the weather guy is correct then Sunday might b good to get a ride in
Gary Bodden (03/17/2019 03:09pm) - I guess we will have to wait a Lil and see..my bike is almost ready...waiting on chain
Graham Hartwell (03/17/2019 03:53pm) - huff, puff, cough, wheeze, puke, repeat...ok I’ll try
John Spekkers (03/21/2019 04:49pm) - I’m out
shawn koslowski (03/21/2019 07:58pm) - I’m out
Felkers falls 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM Steve Cowan(03/22/2019 05:48pm) - ride from my house at 8am. Ground should still b frozen so should b a fairly dry ride. Anywho just want to do a small ride to get the season started.
Gary Bodden (03/22/2019 06:16pm) - well I have my chain now but need to assemble bike...not sure if u can get er done in time...we will see