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26 May 2019
Title Time Description
Local Trail 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM Chris Bodden(05/25/2019 01:04pm) - since I cannot do Turkey Point this weekend, the local trail will have to do. Leaving from my place at 8am....bring hip waiters and a snorkel, I will take you to Gary’s Hole.
Steve Cowan (05/25/2019 01:21pm) - soccer Sunday is back so I’ll have too pass, if Gar falls in the hole again, take a picture, have a good ride bhoys
John Spekkers (05/25/2019 01:33pm) -Don’t see Turkey Point ride. So I’m in for this ride.
shawn koslowski (05/25/2019 03:31pm) - Out.
Larry Fortier (05/25/2019 04:12pm) -In
Jim Fisher (05/25/2019 06:40pm) - in
Graham Hartwell (05/25/2019 06:44pm) - I don’t think I want to swim in Gary’s hole... I’m out
Chris Bodden (05/25/2019 06:47pm) - ya, i get it Graham. One of those been there done that already scenario’s. But I promise, it will be different this time