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10 April 2022
Title Time Description
Felkers Falls 12:30 PM to 4:00 PM Jim Fisher(04/08/2022 08:40am) - Sunday morning 8:30. Meet in parking lot at the end of Pritchard. Puff , Ride , Beer. We have rode it a couple times and conditions are good. Speedy is in.
shawn koslowski (04/08/2022 10:16am) - In
John Spekkers (04/08/2022 10:22am) - out but hopefully be down to ride soon. Still have snow on the ground here.
Gary Bodden (04/08/2022 11:33am) - sure, let's do it.
Graham Hartwell (04/09/2022 08:33pm) - I’m out, lots more to do at Paula’s Dads house. Enjoy the ride!
Steve Cowan (04/10/2022 05:16am) - was trying to finish up job in Oshawa but we have to go back Sunday morning. , see u next time.