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Buddy looking for a bike

by spoooner
Category: Special Events (Red)
When: Feb 1, 2021 at 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM

shawn koslowski(02/01/2021 07:49am) - Hey guys, putting the feelers out for a guy at work looking for a mountain bike. He’s needs an XL preferably dual suspension. If you know of anybody let me know.
Bill Kovacs (02/01/2021 08:19am) - Try www.pinkbike.com/ found one in BC, shipped from a local bike store, it is out for delivery today :0)))
shawn koslowski (02/01/2021 08:36am) - Nice Billy! What did ya get?
Bill Kovacs (02/01/2021 08:46am) - 2020 Giant, was still a private sale, just used the bike store to ship it with a reputation sort of deal
John Ladniak (02/01/2021 12:16pm) - whats the price range? I seen a few online on Ontario mtb groups
shawn koslowski (02/01/2021 12:19pm) - $2000 top end
John Ladniak (02/01/2021 12:26pm) - might have to add a few hundred if his looking for a nice one. Lookup Brown's sports, Bike zone, East side cycle, Scooteretti in Ottawa they have free shipping