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by steve
Category: Dirt Ride (Green)
When: Nov 7, 2021 at 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM

Steve Cowan(11/05/2021 07:02pm) - leaving from ma hoose at 8am. The clocks go back Saturday so u get an extra hour in bed. My knees and ass hurt from today’s ride but the pleasure out weighed the pain. Bring it on.
shawn koslowski (11/05/2021 07:07pm) - I’m all in. SNOOPS BACK BABY!! Woo hoo!
Graham Hartwell (11/05/2021 07:19pm) - I’m in
Tim Nugent (11/05/2021 11:00pm) - In
Gary Bodden (11/06/2021 09:00am) - good to see you have come over your fear Steve, get on and go, I am in
Tim Nugent (11/07/2021 01:44am) - unfortunately gotta bail.