292 Grosvenor Ave N, Hamilton Tri-Plex

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2012 $100K Spent! Everything is new! Including the wiring and the plumbing!

Fabulous Kitchens This property is in a great location off of Ottawa street and was built in 1912, a very solid house. This house has been renovated from the ground up. The process started with the furnas which was replaced with a brand new high efficiency unit. Then, the old hot water heater that use to use a chimney vent was replaced with a high efficiency tank-less water heater, no more need for a chimney for either the furnace or the hot water heater. The project continued, the wiring was completely replaced, every receptacal and light switch is new. Then the plumbing, all new coper and ABS piping throughout.

Now the windows had to be replaced, every window in the house is new and energy efficient. To further improve the efficieny of the house, the attic was re-insulated to R28 standards and vapour barrier. Check out all 3 levels of this Tri-Plex for the rest of the exciting details..

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