292 Grosvenor Ave N, Hamilton Tri-Plex

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This is the Second Floor of the Tri-Plex (3 Bedrooms)

Everything is new, including the wiring and the plumbing!

Fabulous Kitchens This is the second floor of the Tr-Plex, another 3 bedroom unit with a large separate dining room and living room. The Kitchen can also fit a small table for those quick meals. The living room and dining room are bigger on this floor since they do not have the hallway between them. The rear exit has a deck that spans the width of the house. Most walls on this level have a wainscot finish which makes for a warm inner space.

The house is setup with wired smoke detectors and fire extinguishers on every floor. The porches are lit and the entire back yard is lit from the commercial building that runs the laneway. The laneway is city owned which means it is plowed by the city in the winter months.

If the floor that you are interested in is rented, send us an email and

we'll contact you as it soon as it will comes available!